What does The KEY do?

  • Allows you to store all your personal and financial information in one secure location

  • Prompts you to gather and enter your information and generates various custom reports

  • Allows you to import documents and images for storage

  • Associates accounts with family members or properties

  • Gathers information for an Obituary, a Will, or Powers of Attorney

  • Generates a Monthly Budget Worksheet and allows you to create Custom Spreadsheets

  • Generates House Sitter and Babysitter Instructions

  • And many other functions!

What information do I store in The KEY?

  • Personal information about each member of your family.

  • Information about your home: Mechanicals, Services, Maintenance, Pets and Animals, Utilities

  • Names and numbers of all Personal and Business Contacts

  • Bank account information, Loans and Mortgages, Credit Cards, Investments, Retirement Accounts, Payments

  • Insurance Policy and Agent information, Passwords

  • Medical information, Prescription details, Pharmacy, Physicians, Records, Procedures

  • Vehicle loan, Inspection and Repair Information, Maintenance Records, Warranties

  • Military Service Records, Life Stories, Emergency Contacts, Funeral details

  • Most screens allow for additional notes to be added. 
  • And much more!

Why The KEY?
So you are the one in the family who pays the bills, organizes the file cabinet, knows all the passwords, stores all the important information about your lives? What happens when you can no longer take care of that task, or even tell your spouse / kids where to start? How are they going to sift thru the incredible amount of info there is to know about your life and then deal with it? Where do they start? The answer is quite simpleā€¦.The KEY! Our software stores all your vital information in one, super secure, offline database kept in your possession. Simply gather the facts and fill in the blanks! Done! Peace of mind for your loved ones.

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What is The KEY?

The Key is an encrypted software program designed to prompt you to gather information about your family, contacts, finances, home, vehicles, assets, and much more. For security reasons, The KEY software was created to run exclusively from, and store your data on, the USB drive. The KEY is not a web app so there are no monthly fees or memberships. None of your crucial information is stored anywhere ... "out there"! Information about you should be for your eyes only.

Actual screens from The KEY software program