The KEY .... the story

This software application is the product of many years of collecting and organizing information about our own life. Over the years, we have compiled this information for our family. The sections changed and grew as we lived our lives. We started a family and needed a bigger house. Realizing there was a lot of data and documents about our home and finances, our health and our possessions, we began to organize all this data into a book. As the years passed, by our children grew up and our parents grew older. As the need to have more and more information organized and easily accessible, the book grew. At this point, we realized that if this information was not documented our children would have no idea where to find the information needed to settle our estate. This has become a very important aspect of The KEY.

As we shared the idea of collecting all the key information about our life with others, we saw in their reactions the importance for every family to have their own information assembled in a book. And so the development of this software began. We hope you find this software helpful in keeping the key information of your life compiled in one convenient, secure place.

    Randy & Suzi

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The security of your personal information is one of the reasons we created The KEY. We will never sell your information to a third party or bombard you with advertising email.