When my dad passed, he left mom with a mess. She had no idea of how he managed their affairs. Bill paying, tracking accounts and passwords, managing their assets was all his thing. She was clueless. So were we! If we only knew about The KEY before this happened. It would have been so easy to take charge of all this information. We will not be in this situation again.  Not only does mom now have The Key for her information, but we have our lives documented in our copy. We even bought copies for our grown kids for their families. What a great tool!

    The process of choosing our home was stressful enough, but when we went to our lender to start that part we were blown away. We never realized how much of our personal information they would ask for to complete the loan. Current finances, banking accounts, credit card information, outstanding loans, income, expenses, assets, were just some of the information they needed to continue. We were so glad when all we had to do was generate a report from The KEY, print it out, and take it to the lender. We smiled when they mentioned how organized and together everything was. We knew it wasn’t our doing, but that it was The KEY that helped us along.

    During the latest power outage, we quickly realized that all of our account information and even passwords were stored in our computer. When your power is out your computers do not work! Duh! Did you ever hear the term “trapped by technology?” Thankfully we had printed all the reports from The KEY and had them organized and stored in the available binder from TheKEYproducts.com.

We simply opened up the book, went right to the utilities section, and found all the information we needed. Sometimes I wonder if having a rotary phone in the closet isn’t a bad idea.

    I love the baby sitter report feature! I rest easy knowing that when the kids are with the sitter, family or friend, those who are watching my kiddos will have more information then I hope they would ever need in case of emergency. Allergies, emergency contacts, nearest neighbor info, local authority numbers and even nightly routines are all kept in this report! I can even customize it to add more information if I feel the need. I will always worry about my kids when we are out, but I rest a bit easier knowing that my sitter is armed with everything she may need to know. Even if I forgot to tell her something important or she just couldn’t remember everything….it’s all in there!

     The last time we took my wife’s car to the garage for inspection, we were told that it needed new brakes. We both thought that we had brakes put on during a recent repair visit. So before we said yes to the brakes we checked the maintenance records of her car that were stored on The Key. Not only did we find that we did just have brakes put on, we also found that they were under warranty. One of the neat features of this software is that you can add images of documents and attach them to your different cars. Along with a picture of her car, we had attached an image of the receipt for repairs, a copy of the warranty, dates, VIN #’s, and product specs! Everything we needed to prove our case. Very handy tool.

      You can find other apps that can help gather some of your personal information and store it on your phone, computer, or worse yet the cloud. The creators of The KEY have taken us a step back in time when things seemed more secure. Not only is your information double encrypted, but once you remove the USB drive from your computer, it is completely secure. Nothing stored on your machine, nothing stored in the cloud. If the government agencies and department stores can get hacked, I am glad to know that my personal information is safely stored offsite in this USB drive and convenient binder.      

     I just want to say thank you to the creators of The Key. I have truly been able to organize and record every aspect of my life. They really thought of everything! And you can’t argue with the security. You simply take the USB with all of your critical information on it out of your computer and it is untouchable by anyone with bad intentions. Nothing stored on your computer. Smart!